La Casa de Cristo, Phoenix Lutheran Church, Summer of Promises

Summer of Promises

La Casa de Cristo, Phoenix Lutheran Church, Summer of Promises
No matter what is going on in the world, God is always in the business of delivering on his promises to His people, only it’s in His way and in His time. Our response is to continue to believe and wait for the promise to unfold. We can’t talk about God’s promises without consulting the Bible because that’s where we find them.
During our Summer of Promises series, let it be a time of discovery. Discover God as He touches your heart, refreshes your spirit, and inspires you to be bold in claiming all the promises He has for you.
We don’t know exactly when or how God will unfold His promises in our lives. But be assured that when we believe His promises, God is ready and able to transform our faith.

  • June 2/3 – God’s Promises in Christ
  • June 9/10 – God’s Promise of Peace
  • June 16/17 – God’s Promise of being our Good Father
  • June 23/24 – God’s Promises in the Unknown
  • June 30/July 1 – God’s Promise of Freedom
  • July 7/8 – God’s Promise through the Church

Week 1 Sermon: God’s Promises in Christ

Week 2 Sermon: What is God’s Peace?

Week 3 Sermon: Summer of Promises

Week 4 Sermon: HS Summer Trip Highlights

Week 5 Sermon: The Promise of Freedom

Week 6 Sermon: Promises of The Church