The time before Christmas that we use to prepare our hearts and lives for the coming of Jesus.

You and your family are invited to join us to make an Advent Wreath on Sunday, Dec 3, at 9:15 or 10:30am in Fellowship Hall.  This La Casa Family tradition is a special morning where families work together to create a wreath to take home. All of the supplies will be ready for you!

This is a FREE family event and all are invited whether you have children here at church or not. We are not charging for this activity but you can help us off-set the cost of this event, the suggested amount is $35 but any amount is appreciated. We ask that all kids have at least one adult family member with them for this special Sunday.


This candle reminds us of the promises that God gave to His people in the Old Testament and the prophecies that told of a coming King.


Jesus was born in a stable as there was no room in the inn.  This candle reminds us to always make room in our hearts for Jesus.


The shepherd’s heard the message of Jesus’ birth and joyfully went to find Him. They told everyone about the newborn King. This candle reminds us to share the story of Jesus!


The angels sang at Jesus’ birth and told the shepherds where to find the newborn baby. This candle reminds us of God’s love and points us to the coming of Christ.