Operation Bible

Operation Bible
All third graders are invited to participate in the Operation Bible class. Students are taught about what’s in the Bible and how to use it. They learn that God’s Word is alive and active! Upon completion of the course, students receive their own Bible at a special worship service. Operation Bible is offered once a year.

Operation Bible Class: Fall 2020 TBD
Class includes a pizza lunch! The program includes a class one week and special worship service to present the Bibles the following week. Students are asked to be accompanied to the class by at least one parent.

Operation Bible Worship Service: Fall 2020 TBD
Everyone is invited to the worship service for the presentation of Bibles

If you have questions about your child receiving a Bible (even if he or she is older than third grade) please contact Pastor Matt Knopf: pastormatt@lacasadecristo.com

Learn The Books of the Bible:

Video 1: Old Testament Books

Video 2: New Testament Books