St vincent de Paul

"For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat,..." - Matthew 25:35

St Vincent de Paul

We serve on the third Sunday of month

For over 20 years, La Casa has partnered with St. Vincent de Paul by sending 15 volunteers to serve a noon meal to the homeless the THIRD Sunday of every month.

Through the years, there have been many faithful volunteers. The gift of their time and effort has been priceless.

It is guaranteed that you will go home knowing you have been blessed to be a blessing. If you would like to have an opportunity to experience this worthwhile activity, sign-up online, at the Welcome Table at church on Sundays or you can call the church office during the week, (480) 948-1234

Volunteer members from La Casa work with the staff of St. Vincent de Paul to serve the noon meal on the third Sunday of each month. Actual assignments are made upon arrival. The group leaves from the church at 9am. Look for the group wearing blue St. Vincent de Paul aprons standing near the welcome table outside. Or, you can meet us there at 9:30am. The group is done at 1pm.

Age Requirements: 14 years and older (14-15 year olds must be with a parent)

St. Vincent de Paul - La Casa de Cristo volunteers serve the hungry through SVDP

Questions? Contact our team leaders:
Roger Olson – 480-225-5917 
Kim Olson – 480-695-1237


The dining room is located at:
1300 W Harrison St.
Phoenix, AZ 85007

Serving from 9am to 1pm

Helpful Info

Why Your Service Matters:
Our dining rooms are strategically located throughout the Valley, from Mesa to El Mirage, to be easily accessible to the people who need them most. Every day, we prepare more than 4,500 nourishing meals free of charge to individuals and families experiencing or at risk of homelessness. All of our services are “take out and sit down”, we remain committed to providing nutrition, belonging, and social connection. By helping with food and other necessities, our families can then put their limited incomes into rent, utilities, and other expenses; your service is helping to save lives and prevent homelessness.

Volunteer Duties:
May include preparing, sorting and bagging food and give-away items, prepping for meal distribution, greeting guests, handing out food and other items to guests, cleaning. Some duties may include lifting, and volunteers should be prepared to stand for long periods of time, bend, lift and carry.

Attire and Belongings:
Closed-toe shoes with rubber soles, sleeved shirts, pants/skirts/shorts that are knee-length or longer. Please refrain from cell phone / headphone use while volunteering. We have limited storage space and recommend bringing as few items as possible.

Volunteer Etiquette:
Please show respect and compassion for each other and for SVdP guests, staff and property. That’s it! We hope you have a fantastic experience – let us know how it was. And, have fun!


Sandy Bakke
Sandy Bakke
You Receive More Than You Give
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La Casa de Cristo has volunteered at St. Vincent de Paul for many years. Elmer Wessel, a church member, organized the group for many years. Sue Fay was part of that original group. As Elmer got older, it became harder for him volunteer. Sue Fay, Dean and I then became the group organizers. It was such a joy to be a part of that group. We met so many interesting church members that we would never have gotten to know otherwise. We have maintained those friendships, even though the group has changed as people move away, or their ability to help changes. It was fun to meet the youth who volunteered. This was a great way for them to get service hours for confirmation, or other organizations, and learn about the homeless population in our community. The group leaves after church at 9:30 AM and volunteers are finished by 1 PM.

The facility where LCdC helps one Sunday a month has changed. It is a newer facility downtown that is easy to get to (little traffic on Sunday morning) and it is well-run by the staff. Several times during the year, there are special events where there are professionals in the community from different walks of life who volunteer their services. When the hair stylists and barbers are there, it is a treat for the homeless to get a shampoo and haircut. St. Vincent de Paul is such a special organization and really makes a difference in our community. By volunteering, we have learned more about the organization, and the numerous areas where it helps.

Clearly, every time someone helps at St. Vincent de Paul, they get far more out of it personally than they give.
Marilyn Harwell
Marilyn Harwell
A Smile Brightens Anyone's Day
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I have been volunteering at St. Vincent de Paul for a number of years, so many I can’t remember when I started. One thing I do remember happened the first time I volunteered. I was cleaning the table space where a client had just left after eating. While cleaning, another client was sitting at the table eating and I greeted him with a smile. He immediately thanked me for smiling!! He then commented that a smile is something they never see on the streets. How sad is that!  

We don’t always realize how something as simple as a smile can brighten someone’s day. So, keep smiling!
Penne Sewall & Steve Cornils
Penne Sewall & Steve Cornils
Sometimes Love is Edible
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Penne and I are privileged to enjoy our home, neighbors and La Casa faith community in Scottsdale several months each year. Our gratitude is magnified each third Sunday of the month, serving alongside La Casa members Roger and Kim Olson and the other welcoming volunteers who prepare and provide a nourishing dinner in the company of our mostly unhoused friends at St. Vincent de Paul dining room, downtown Phoenix. We are serving much more than food. As Penne reminds us, “Sometimes love is edible.” 

The initial intention is providing each guest a gracious welcome:   

We are so glad you are here. 

We’ve been expecting you. 

Here’s a special place at the table just for you

This past month, I (Penne) had the opportunity to assist a woman who is blind. Navigating the room, providing a plate of food, then leading her to the restroom and locating clean clothes, I served as her eyes.  She offered me the invitation to share conversation, compassion, kindness, dignity, patience and unconditional love. God met us there, together in that space. As the woman left, I thanked her for the gift of our time together. “Thank you for being so nice to me,” she said. “Oh, it’s not me,” I replied. “It’s Christ through me.” Our eyes never met, but our hearts touched for that moment in time.
Gina Bridgeman
Gina Bridgeman
Camaraderie of Serving
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Volunteering at St. Vincent de Paul's dining room is a great example of the classic line you always hear, how volunteers get back more than they give. Jesus asks us to feed the hungry, and when we do that at the dining room, we invariably hear from those we serve “Thank you!” and “God bless you,” many, many times. But serving is much more than that, because La Casa's volunteers make a great team. From carpooling to the dining room, to slicing bananas or bread, to serving meals side by side, we work together with the camaraderie of a family. Volunteering at St. Vincent de Paul was a leap out of my comfort zone, but joining an experienced volunteer team made it easy and so much fun!