Reflecting GOD's Glory

We offer a variety of programs designed to help you grow spiritually, learn about the Bible and the Lutheran faith while developing a closer relationship with GOD.  To learn more about each class, click on its title.

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2022 Classes

About La Casa de Cristo's Adult Education

Grow in Faith through the Church

The world-renowned author, preacher and evangelist, Billy Graham, spent his life delivering the gospel message to more people face-to-face than anyone else in history and ministered on every continent of the world. His sole purpose was to share the good news of Jesus Christ to everyone he met, whether individually or in a stadium packed with thousands.

Through classes and special presentations offered at La Casa de Cristo, our teachers, with great humility, also choose to share their own experiences and knowledge with all who are interested in learning more about God and His purpose for our lives. You are encouraged to participate in the Adult Education classes that will be offered both online and in person in the days ahead.

Paul's Unknown Mission

A Study of the Apostle Paul

Below is from Dr. Mark Fairchild presenting his research from our last special presentation.

adult education images 4 from january 2020